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RBM ( Regional Business Manager )

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Theoractical Training Round For The Following Post

Designation : RBM ( Regional Business Manager )

Package : 16.8 Lakh per annum ( i,e Rs 1,40,000 Fixed Salary Per Month)

Working : Work of Regional Business Manager is to expand the business of company by supporting existing franchise and appointing new franchise in his region

International Tourism & Export Franchise Business Details

Guidelines For Clearing Up Training Test

Guideline 1: Global Trip India is established since 2001 as an international trip and business organiser and deals in international tours, exports and overseas business development. We are specialised in international business trips handcrafted for businessmens for leisure and exploration of business oppurtunities across the globe. Renowned as an ISO certified company in 2007 we now have our international presence in many countries and expertise of around 17 years in international tourism and exports.

Guideline 2: Regional Business Managers(R.B.M) is the key post in our company. RBM main work role is to support existing franchises and assist new franchises in the establishment of their international tourism and export business all over the world. Apart from it RBM have the key role in stratergizing the business expansion of company and franchise network in there region.

Guideline 3: CTC of the RBM is 16.8 lakh p.a (i.e Salary of 1.4 lakh per month). Key things which we look while appointing the RBM is his business handling skills and communication expertise. Apart from it their knowledge and past work experience of appointing franchises and distributors of any previous company gives them an edge to there profile. For getting selected for the post of RBM (Ctc 16.8 lac p.a) candidate must clear all three rounds i.e theoractical first round , practical second rounds and final round with good scores.

Guideline 4: As the RBM work role is to support and appoint franchises so its very much important that RBM must have complete indepth knowledge of the business details of our franchise including there eligiblity criteria , setup requirement , business revenue model, client aquisition systems e.t.c. All indepth details of franchise business are available at www.globaltripsindia.com/franchise.php having complete knowledge of franchise business plays the key role in getting selected for the post of RBM (Ctc 16.8 lakh p.a) so availing maximum knowledge about the business model of our franchise ensures the best preparation for your selections for the post of RBM.

Guideline 5: As we works on franchise model so we dont enroll travellers / clients directly .Only way travellers can join our trips is through our registered franchises. Only one person can take our franchise in 150km range getting complete business of that zone till its established. Our registered franchise gets around 10+ international trip enquiries every day through our client aquisition system. So in a month around 250+ clients enquiries are received by our franchise. Out of 250 enquiries franchise arranges 1 trip with 25 travellers which is then organised and managed by company and its teams. Franchise gets 50% share of profit which is on average around 10k per traveller i.e around 2.5 lac profit per trip (with 25 travellers).

Guideline 6: Client can book his trip by meeting our franchise and paying through cheque , netbanking , credit/debit cards , cash on meeting ( postpaid and most famous method). There is an absolute edges which our franchise gets like access to our world wide ranges of international trips organised by company making franchise free from organising trips , post paid mechanism for travellers in which travellers pays on reaching the destination and joining the group apart from it our franchise gets our client aquisition system to get direct travellers leads to run there business.Similiarly its first time in india that client gets postpaid payment mechanism , complete trip 100% sponsoring by company if client takes PR Visa and apart from it businessmen travellers who want to establish there overseas business gets complete guidance from our oversear business development team.

Guideline 7: During the trip along with the fun and leisure activities business travellers interested in establishing overseas business are shown different businesses oppurtunities with fixed monthly returns along with permanent residency visa of that country. On closing of the deals franchise gets extra profit of Rs 5 lac per deal and the client gets overseas running established business with fixed monthly assured returns along with property and permanent visa of that country.

Guideline 8: Work role of our franchise is to enroll the travellers for the group trip from the leads they gets from our client aquisition system . Apart from it they can also enrols clients for there export business from client aquisition system ,from market week/fairs or by self promotions. After franchise enrols the buyer / client the rest of the work including manufacturing to shipping is done by the company and franchise get 50% of the net export profit generated by the company.

Guideline 9: Our franchise gets business licence for 10 years for running International Tourism , Exports and PR Visa Businese for whole 10 years after which they can renew the licence. On booking the licence franchise starts making profit from very first day as we maps an estabhised franchise as there sub franchise so whatever that established franchise generates from its tourism business 10% of its revenue is shared with the booked franchise making it generate profits from the very first day itself . After booking franchise gets around 20 days period to do the registry and get there buisness licence.

Guideline 10: An establshed franchise generates income around 2.5 lac from a group trip of 25 travellers on 50% profit sharing basis , Around 5 lac per PR Visa Deal and 50% of export business profit . Out of the 25 business travellers we expect atleast one person will establish his overseas business and take the PR Visa of that country that means on arranging one group trip from client leads provided by our client aquisition system a franchise generates around 6.5 lacs (2.5 lac from tourism income and 5 lac from PR Visa Income) per trp apart from the income it generates from its export business and mapped subfranchises. And thats the reason our franchise ownership is given only to selected people who have tourism and exports industry working experience of around 5 years.

Theoretical Training : Round 1 (25 Objective Questions)

Theoretical Training : Round 1
  1. Global Trip India deals in which segments of businesses ?
  2. In which year we got the ISO certifications?
  3. What are the key work roles of RBM ?
  4. What is the current annual CTC of RBM ?
  5. What qualities and skills we look forward while selecting RBM ?
  6. Which rounds candidate must clear for getting the post of RBM (CTC 16.8 lac p.a) ?
  7. What knowledge should the RBM aquire to prepare for selections ?
  8. Travellers and business clients can enroll our trips and business service through ?
  9. In one region how many franchise can get licence for international exports and tourism business ?
  10. How many international trip enquiries franchise gets on average from our client aquisition system on daily basis ?
  11. What is the profit sharing which the franchise gets on trips and exports net profit ?
  12. How many travellers on average are enrolled in an international group trip ?
  13. How much tourism business profit does a franchise generates on average by just organising an international group trip ?
  14. What edges does our franchise gets in doing tourism business using our platform ?
  15. What is the edge client gets for enrolling there international trips from us ?
  16. What benifit client gets on establishing his overseas business through our support ?
  17. How much revenue franchise generates from a PR Visa Deal ?
  18. What is the work role of franchise ?
  19. How franchise gets clients for the export business ?
  20. What revenue profit sharing franchise gets from export deal ?
  21. For how many years our franchise gets business licence for running international tourism and exports business ?
  22. Franchise owner on registring the franchise gets access to which kind of businesses ?
  23. On booking of the franchise it starts making profit from first day by which medium ?
  24. How much revenue an established franchise generates in a month ?
  25. What qualification and experience are required to get the franchise licence approvals from the company ?

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